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18, Aries
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Detalles importantes de LilouMoulin
Género Mujer
Me interesa Hombres
Edad 18
Altura 170 cm - 175 cm
Peso 45 - 55 kg
Cabello Pelirroja
Ojos Marrón
Raza Blanca/Caucásica
Idiomas Inglés, Francés
Vello púbico Afeitado
Busto Grandes
Trasero Mediano
Lo que me excita
Hmm.. Maybe you can help me gently learn that? 👀
Acerca de mí
I turned 18 not long ago and started discovering things😬 . I feel this is a safe place to find out what men want and also experience a little bit around. Not to promise you anything though as I do not know what I am comfortable with. 😋

Undressing and acting like I‘m turned on by…nothing🙄 … is not on my list. It’s a privilege to have the chance to undress me and it takes some very special energy to be able to….
Lo que me apaga
People who insist with a certain thing that makes me uncomfy.. we should let the vibe flow and see where things can get! 😝
Lo que hago por webcam:
Cuestionario sobre sexo

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  1. 1. ¿Cuál es tu postura sexual favorita?

    Altough I did not get to experiment much just yet.. I like to fantasize a lot, but I am still looking for that person to make me feel comfortable enough exploring in order to find my fav

  2. 2. ¿Por qué el sexo matutino es el mejor?

    I can imagine it's best as after a night of cuddles, waking up to the one you fancy and getting naughty is the perfect way to start the day! Still haven't tried this either.. Does getting licked at 6am count? haha

  3. 3. ¿Dominación u obediencia?

    It's hard for me to find the obedience in my body, I would easily say it's impossible. But I encourage you to take this as a challenge and see if you willl be the first to make such the impossible possible.

  4. 4. ¿Cuál ha sido tu mejor orgasmo?

    Oh my! Well.. I have for sure felt that big O before BUT at the same time.. I believe there is so much more that could have happened under the touches of a gentleman, maybe with a little more experience.

  5. 5. ¿Dónde te gustaría tener sexo?

    I have recently discovered this fantasy.. And please let me know if it is a little odd.. But getting intimate in a stranded out cabin.. In the middle of the woods during a heavy winter sounds so cozy and the best part is there is no one else around to hear ;)

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Cute plushie
I love making more fluffy friends!
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Box of sweets!
I have a sweet tooth, and I adore sweets!
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A pink car
I just got my driver's licence and... I hope to be able to drive a pink cute car soon!
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───────────(♥) love u cute!!!
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