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39, Virgo, Philippines, Butuan City
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lets take a bath together
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Detalles importantes de MistressKat01
Género Trans
Me interesa Mujeres, Hombres, Parejas
Edad 39
Altura 160 cm - 170 cm
Peso 55 - 60 kg
Cabello Morena
Ojos Marrón
Raza Asiática
Idiomas Inglés, Árabe
Procedencia Butuan City
Vello púbico Recortado
Busto Grandes
Trasero Mediano
Pene Medio
Lo que me excita
Being horny for me can be influenced by a variety of factors, both physical and psychological. NO common thing, same as other like no difference. Im horny when my partner perform a lot of physical stimulation such a***issing, hugging,cuddling, caressing. I like to feel like being desired and attracted he should know how to compliment, flirt and gesture of affection.it also include emotional connection where my partner needs to be trustworthy and has my loyalty. We need to know the important to remember that each of us is unique, and what arouses one person may not necessarily arouse another. Lastly, i believe communication and mutual exploration with a partner are key to understanding and enhancing each other's arousal.

have fun and enjoy with me!
Acerca de mí
Hello! Welcome to my room!.......................

The longed time waits of searching is over heres the mistress you ever wanted, be mystify, be allure, be captivate, and be amaze by the genuine mistress so let me come and play and have some naughty fun. You deserve to feel special. medium tall, Sassy Mature Mistress T***athy.well mannered and very sensual, Long legs with sexy black eyes. Soft alluring lips that beckons to be kissed gently. Love to kiss and cuddle with lots of body contact. Specialty of mine is helping first timers and curious . Helping them bring their erotic fantasy become a reality to life. Time spent together is never rushed but purely enjoyed by both. When your ready for encounter feel free hit the private botton and im waiting for you... kisses
Lo que me apaga
Just as with arousal, what turns a trans woman off towards a man can vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances.However, this are the common factor that turns me off, Lack of hygiene or Poor personal hygiene, including bad breath, body odor, or unkempt appearance, can be a major turn-off . Disrespectful behavior Behaviors such as rudeness, insensitivity, or lack of consideration for me, Making unwanted sexual advances, being too aggressive or demanding in bed, or ignoring my needs and boundaries. also turn me off normally Just like others i value honesty and integrity in a partner. Lies or deceitfulness can erode my trust and lastly Negativity or pessimism lead to less interest to me.
Lo que hago por webcam:
Cuestionario sobre sexo

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  1. 1. ¿Por qué el sexo matutino es el mejor?

    for me morning can be an ideal time for sex for several reasons. Physiologically, testosterone levels are often highest in the morning for both men and women, which can increase libido and arousal. Additionally, cortisol levels, which can inhibit sexual desire, tend to be lower in the morning, allow... Mostrar más

  2. 2. Dominación u obediencia: ¿qué papel te gusta más?

    im kind a obedient dominant cuz i take my partners consideration by listening what makes him comfortable of being dominated restassure we both are happy and satisfied in the end of the day.

  3. 3. ¿Cuál ha sido tu mejor orgasmo?

    my best orgasm is when my partner perform a genital stimulation and this can be achieved through oral sex and playin the area of my body most i feel tickled, sometimes position and sensation can also contribute giving me things exciting of course makin both of us are comfortable with.

  4. 4. ¿Te gustaría cambiar tu aspecto con cirugía plástica?

    why not for the sake of goodness

  5. 5. ¿Qué experiencias sexuales te gustaría probar?

    like to try fucking a lady while my partner is looking at me.

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