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39, Acuario
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Detalles importantes de GoddessLilla
Género Mujer
Me interesa Mujeres, Hombres, Parejas, Trans
Edad 39
Altura 160 cm - 170 cm
Peso 55 - 60 kg
Cabello Morena
Ojos Verde
Raza Blanca/Caucásica
Idiomas Ucraniana/o, Ruso
Vello púbico Afeitado
Busto Medianos
Trasero Grande
Lo que me excita
Among the lower qualities in submissives, I value diligence, attentiveness to me, service, constancy and a generous wallet.
Acerca de mí
Professional Dominatrix Lilla, I have a lot experience in real and online domination. I am into Femdom for more than 5 years. I live in the same territory with my permanent slave, who serves me 24 hours a day, and I also have several slaves in real service. You can expand this list ;)

I am a public person in the world of BDSM meetings of Ukraine, theme parties, and I am couch on master classes and training in different practices. This is a lot part of my life.

Trampling is one of my favorite practice, my slave is always trampled by me and lies under my feet.
I'm a Sadist Mistress. I love managing your pain with spanking, needles and electro play. I also conduct practices like ballbusting, slapping, spitting, footfetish, bootfetish, strap-on... I will bring you to complete submission, you will be humiliated and used by me! Discipline and training are the main thing in the service of my slave!
Are you ready to try my power over yourself? - Write me now!

I have a lot of shoes from ballet flats to boots. My fetish is gloves and shoes, leather clothing is my lifestyle.

My slave is obliged to take care of my shoes: clean them and put on and put off them on my feet. The reward for my slave is choosing and buying shoes for me.

Understand that Femdom is an exchange of power, money is one of the type power over you, payment of tribute is an integral part of Femdom that you can give me. That's why I don't consider serving me without paying a tribute.

Constancy at my feet is something you have to deserve. You must be courteous, trained, careful in your answers, open to my suggestions and ready to give me power and control over you and your life!
I'm waiting for you in private for a more detailed discussions, there you can serve me and get my attention!
Lo que me apaga
Arrogant, demanding and stubborn parasites. Rudeness in communication and lack of respect
I don't undress. In Femdom only the slave is naked!!!
Lo que hago por webcam:
Cuestionario sobre sexo

¡Haz preguntas de pago sobre cualquier tema que te interese para conocer aún mejor a GoddessLilla!

  1. 1. ¿Cuál es tu postura sexual favorita?

    dominates a man with a strap-on in doggy position

  2. 2. ¿Por qué el sexo matutino es el mejor?

    because it was unexpected

  3. 3. ¿Dominación u obediencia?

    Domination and only

  4. 4. ¿Cuál ha sido tu mejor orgasmo?

    somehow he was

  5. 5. ¿Dónde te gustaría tener sexo?

    to parties

Horas de trabajo de GoddessLilla
Правила комнаты\rules

Правила комнаты:

1. Обращение только на "Вы"

2. Приветствие только "Здравствуйте!" иначе ты будешь говорить сам с собой.

3. Жалких дрочеров на службу и в приват не принимаю, ты и так жалок по умолчанию. Твой член интересует только тебя, меня интересует твоё желание служить, слушать меня и исполнять мои приказы

Room rules:

1. Address only “Goddess”

2. Greeting only "I am on knees, my Goddess" otherwise you will be talking to yourself.

3. I don’t accept pathetic wankers for service or in private, you’re already pathetic by default. Your pisser is only interested in you, I am interested in your desire to serve, listen to me and follow my orders.

4. You can participate in the auction for the purchase of the Lady's used shoes and items of clothing on my Instagram items of clothing on my Instagram.GoddessLilla Правила комнаты\rules image: 1

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my feet
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White shirt
Do you want to know more?
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Metal device
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device review
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Lady in Red
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Kiss my hands
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Skin fetish
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Suck  my heel!
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My red boots
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Leather gloves
Slapping the balls
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Serve me
100 tokens
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First place among women

First place among women

First place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

First place among women

First place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

Lista de deseos de
Онлайн рабы /  Online slaves 1
Онлайн рабы / Online slaves
Хочу иметь в подчинении нескольки постоянных онлайн рабов которые готовы служить и возбуждает женская власть. I want to have several permanent online slaves under my control who are ready to serve and are excited by female power
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Игры в собачку / Pet-play 2
Игры в собачку / Pet-play
Люблю дрессировать своих псов, мне нужно несколько пород для разных игор ! I love training my dogs, I need several breeds for different games!
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Фетишиста обуви и кожаных перчаток/Fetishist of shoes and leather gloves 3
Фетишиста обуви и кожаных перчаток/Fetishist of shoes and leather gloves
Бутфетишиста который любит покупать и вибирать обувь Госпоже. Изделия из кожи а именно кожанные перчатки Shoe fetishist who loves to buy and select Mistress shoes. Leather products, namely leather gloves
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Футфетишиста в одежде/ Foot fetishist in clothes 4
Футфетишиста в одежде/ Foot fetishist in clothes
Обладатель вкусом и стилем в образах для Госпожи The owner of taste and style in images for the Mistres
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Comentarios (6)
Hello Mistress i want to serve you and your lovely feet. You are the perfect Domina and i worship your heels and boots. I know you have many slaves who are so lucky. I would love to added to your stable if you see fit? I have many toys you can use on me. Many different Chasity devices also. I love to to see online and worship the snaps of your finger***nowing you are in complete control.
Ti prekrasna, milaya i seksy ochen.... obozhayu Tebya s pervogo vzglyada 🌹😘💋
Хочу ласкать твои сладкие места язычком и целовать ножки. И любой каприз
Настоящая, опытная Госпожа. Перед ней беспрекословно встаёшь на колони не смея поднимать глаза, подчиняется только ее воли и приказам. Любителям bdsm обязательно к посещению.
Прекраснейшая госпожа, одна их немногих тут,, которая не даёт пустые указания пойди туда не знаю куда, сделай то не знаю что, а следует чёткой линии бдсм, обучает, воспитывает, если провинился наказывает. Те кто в теме поймут и оценят.
Госпожа вы великолепны, а у парня член огромный ууууф бы его отсосал
Фетиши / Fetishes

Ступни, вероятно, являются одним из наиболее распространенных «нестандартных» фетишей

Но есть еще много друго что влечет нас

- белые носочки на плотне колготы

- разнообразие чулков

- части тела

- обувь от болеток до ботфортов

- ассортимент носков

- разновижность нейлона

- от кожи до латекса

Раскажи о своем фетише мне !

Feet are probably one of the most common "non-standard" fetishes

But there are still many other things that attract us

- white socks on tight tights

- variety of stockings

- body parts

- shoes from boots to boots

- assortment of socks

- a type of nylon

- from leather to latex

Tell me about your fetish!

GoddessLilla Фетиши / Fetishes image: 1

Приват сессия / Private session

I conduct sessions in private chat!

I’ll take you to a real session with an experienced Dominatrix in real life. You will feel training and discipline, I will teach you how to behave during the session.

The session will be filled with practices:

- role-playing games, imagination allows

-Foot fetish, Boot fetish, Foot crushing, feeding from feet

- Nylon fetish, High Heels Fetish


- Cuckolding



- Footjob

- Mistress Ass Worship

Сlick the private button!

Провожу сессии в приватном чате !

Я перенесу тебя на сессию с опытной Доминатрикс в реальной жизни. Ты почувствуете дрисеровку и дисциплину, я научу тебя как быть рабом

Занятие будет наполнено практиками:

- ролевые игры

-Foot fetish, Boot fetish, Foot crushing, кормление ножками

- Nylon fetish, High Heels Fetish


- Cuckolding

- Footjob



- Поклонение попе Госпожи

Жми кнопку приват !

GoddessLilla Приват сессия / Private session image: 1