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28, Leo
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Detalles importantes de Temsooon
Género Hombre
Me interesa Mujeres, Hombres, Parejas
Edad 28
Altura 170 cm - 175 cm
Peso 70 - 80 kg
Cabello Morena
Ojos Azul
Raza Blanca/Caucásica
Idiomas Ruso
Vello púbico Recortado
Pene Medio
Lo que me excita
Hello! We're a passionate couple who adores variety and intensity in life. Gentle touches and hot kisses excite me, while my partner enjoys games and experiments. We rejoice in moments when we can make each other happy, openly sharing our passion with you. Join our OnlyFans to give us pleasure and mutual satisfaction. Welcome to the world of our delights
Acerca de mí
Hello! We are a young and passionate couple, ready to share our intimate life and cozy moments with you. I am a 27-year-old girl, full of energy and sensuality. My partner is a 28-year-old guy with unique charm and attention to details. We've created this OnlyFans to reveal our secrets and intimate moments that make our bond so special. Join us to enjoy exclusive content, passion, and the sincerity of our love. Welcome to our world
Lo que me apaga
While we're excited to share our journey with you, there are certain things that we prefer to avoid. We're not interested in explicit content, negativity, or disrespectful interactions. Our aim is to create a positive and respectful environment where everyone can enjoy our content without crossing any boundaries. Let'***eep the focus on exploring passion and connection. Thank you for understanding
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